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Despite its remoteness and stark, dramatic beauty, the valley lies at a curious confluence of interests. The Cederberg mountains are an iconic destination for nature lovers, hikers, climbers, and in early spring they display a renowned profusion of wildflowers. Behind this, there’s a more muted, but no less famous, spectacle of rock art left by prior San inhabitation.  

Today there are tensions over natural legacies that include herbal resources from rooibos tea to hoodia. Literally in every direction there are wonders, even upward: this place lies en route between the giant optical observatories at Sutherland and the massive MeerKAT radio arrays up north. Finally, the spectacularly winding gravel road is an alternate route for motor-driven trippers to and from the AfrikaBurn festival in late April.

It’s no wonder that the character Miems gets irate at the passers-through. And it takes just a small bound of the imagination to conjure an assortment of boffins, rogues and vagabonds that could drag adventure, opportunism and intrigue through the valley. In short, this is the ready-made location for a series of interwoven tales that thread through the heart of these spectacularly characterful farms, and are activated by the tensions across their common borders. Synopses of ensuing episodes are in progress.

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