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As indicated in the text and photographs, the concept for this series was inspired by actual neighbours on actual Cederberg farms. It is not as though it couldn’t be filmed elsewhere, but the given location offers the grounding of real circumstances in a fantastically evocative landscape. I’d go so far as to hazard: one better than any art department could contrive without substantial budget.

3 1/2 hours drive from Cape Town, the proposed location offers a useful mix of accessibility and isolation. Sufficient accommodation is available in the vicinity for a modest crew, living the experience of that world, while supplies and logistical support are not impractically distant.

Just recently, I returned to the valley to make initial contact with the farm owners, and to shoot the video teaser. They expressed curiosity and amusement in the story (and remarked on frequent coincidental collisions of fact with fiction!). It is evident that they would not be averse to commercial injection and concomitant promotion – especially in these times. Should the Covid contagion still be with us at production time, the setting is about as controllable as any film crew could locate.

It is too early in the development phase to attempt a budget estimate. However, given the generally contained location, and an intention to predominantly shoot by day and in a vérité style (sequences are mainly character interactions rather than spectacular set-pieces), a high proportion of the finance can be invested in the cast, and a small but dynamic and mobile crew.

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